Elementary education takes place in warm, inviting classrooms with friendly and skilled teachers. The primary goal is to provide a Biblically-based, Christ-centered education that not only educates the mind, but also the hearts and wills of our students. Information and skills to be learned and retained are sequentially taught, connecting the known with the unknown. Teacher-centered instruction is primarily focused on the traditional areas of reading, penmanship, and math. Reading is taught using a traditional explicit phonics-based curriculum; classical cursive is emphasized in grades 2-4; and teaching fundamental math principles makes up our math program. Elementary students also enjoy music and art classes, interactive study, and creative play which, together with traditional academics, make for an enriching learning experience.

Middle school students in grades 5 through 8 enjoy upbeat and academically thorough classes at Shalom Mennonite School.   All staff members share a vision for our students to have the character of Christ built into their hearts, souls, and minds.  Along with classes in the core subject areas of Bible, language, math, science, and history, students take other classes that enhance their educational experience.  These classes include music, art, keyboarding and basic computer skills, Spanish, physical education, and woodshop.  Our goals are to guide students toward making wise choices, a successful high school experience, and living a life of surrender and service in the kingdom of God.

We believe God has created each child to mature in the learning process in his own way and at his own rate.  The resource room is designed to boost the natural development of those students diagnosed with learning differences and to support each child’s learning experience through a variety of techniques and specialized curricular materials and programs, including the Barton reading program.  Our dedicated and skilled resource room teachers also provide assistance with test-preparation, writing, and speech.  Their goal is to support and assist these students so that they may once again join and thrive in the regular classroom.