Our Programs

At SMS we offer a number of different activities meant to provide a rich learning experience for students.


Every Wednesday morning students and faculty gather in the all-purpose room for an all-school chapel service.  This weekly time together is designed to be a time of worship and learning from God’s word.  Several Wednesdays of each month, chapel consists of a time of singing led by the school music director and a devotional given by a patron father, board member, or local church leader. The first Wednesday of the month is a song chapel where the school joins together in singing led by a faculty member.  In addition to these, a typical month also features one class chapel, where singing, stories, and skits are performed by an individual class for the rest of the school. The themes for class chapels usually relate to the annually chosen school theme.

Chapel Groups

For chapel services at Shalom, students are seated in chapel groups. Each chapel group consists of students from various grade levels and an older middle school student who serves as the group leader.  These groups provide unique opportunities for students from different classes to learn to know each other and for middle school students to learn responsibility and to develop leadership skills. Chapel groups are also incorporated into other all-school activities where they help to foster a wholesome and healthy school spirit.

Bible Quizzing

Bible quizzing can be a great way to join the benefits of memorizing Scriptures with the fun of competition.   Students in grades 6-8  have the opportunity participate in MASCA Bible Quizzing (http://macsaonline.org/events/bible-quizzing).  While memorizing scripture and practices run throughout the school year, competitive events  begin in January and conclude with a 3-day quiz retreat in March. 


The primary goals of music education at Shalom are to develop knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of music and singing and an appreciation of a cappella music.  To that end, all students participate in regular music classes, chorus classes (where music is learned and prepared for the all-school Christmas and spring programs), and all-school song chapels.  We currently do not offer in-house instrument lessons.   


Art can be a creative expression of our thoughts, feelings, and ideas about life and God.  Art classes are offered for each grade with an effort to teach and appreciate thoughtful, creative design.  

Shop Class

Shop class for junior high students provide an opportunity for students to learn hands on woodworking and other mechanical skills.  


Physical education should be to teach and develop the concepts of teamwork, acceptance of others, good sportsmanship, and wholesome recreation.  Junior high students have opportunities to compete in organized games against other Christian schools.